Travel to Berlin, the street art capital, without leaving home

mural en fachada de Berlin


Like everyone, the crisis of the fashionable virus has forced us to change plans, not to move from home, to cancel trips … From Taruga we propose a very exciting trip to a city that we love and that leaves its mark on everyone who visit.


Astronaut Cosmonaut in Kreuzberg, by the French artist Victor Ash


Full of history and art. Today we are going to Berlin, the great European capital of urban art and history.

As it is impossible for us to select all the murals that we would like to recommend, we show you only some of our favorites:

1 Mural art in the Kreuzberg district



The elephant playing with a world ball, by the artist Jadore Tong, better known as S.Y.R.U.S.




The Urban Nation facade, renovated by Dutch artist Stephan Thelen, Super A.



Agostino Lacurci mural at Moritzplatz


2 East Side Gallery: a must in Berlin


Along the banks of the River Spree, on Mühlenstraße 3, is the longest section of the Wall that was not knocked down. There we can see the East Side Gallery or the Berlin Wall transformed into an outdoor art gallery of more than a kilometer. As soon as the wall fell, 118 artists from 21 different countries paid tribute to what marked the end of the Cold War through mural art.


by Bluejayphoto / Getti images





The mural depicting the famous kiss between the leaders Honecker and Leonidas Breznev or the mural of the typical DDR German car driving through the wall are just a couple of very famous and “influencers” examples.


East Side Gallery



East Side Gallery mural art


3 Street art at Haus Schwarzenberg


Hidden in an alley at the bottom of a small patio, in Berlin’s Mitte district and a step away from the Hackescher Markt S-Bahn station, the Haus Schwarzenberg is hidden.

Artist studios, a cinema, two bars, the permanent exhibition of the Anne Frank Center and the Museum Blindenwerkstatt museum, which tells the story of Otto Weidt, a WWII resistance fighter who protected blind Jews and disabled of the Nazi regime.





Most of his murals can be seen in the courtyard of the Haus Schwarzenberg building, open 24 hours a day and admission is free.


Haus Schwarzenberg, at Rosenthaler Straße 39, 10178 Berlin



Do you like mural art? Contact us and we will take you home.


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