• 21 May, 2020

Murals that create relaxing environments

Murals that create relaxing environments

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Do you want to renew the style of your walls and give a twist to the decoration of an indoor or outdoor space?
Do you want to create a certain atmosphere in your house, where you can breathe a special air and transmit emotions?

A mural that transmits calm and lots of peace , that encourages reflection and helps you disconnect from daily stress.

Yours is a landscape mural.
paisaje playa horizonte blanco y negro
The emotions of a landscape

Living with a landscape through a mural is an experience. Being able to contemplate the horizon from the place you choose is a privilege. We give you some ideas:

mural paisaje mar terraza piscina
Contemplate the sea through a mural

The murals inspired by the sea transmit us tranquility, freshness and, ultimately, a lot of comfort. Oceans, seas, virgin turquoise beaches… They are images that create sensations of purity and vastness.

mural paisaje mar terraza piscina proceso
Contemplate the sky through a mural

Looking at the sky is a very relaxing experience. Contemplate the wonderful fusion of colors, have a moment to think and remember good times, think of new ideas for the future, set goals and dream. To be able to contemplate the sky from the sofa in your living room, from your bed… We can make this beautiful experience come true through a mural. Some tips that you will love:

mural paisaje lago blanco, beige y marron
  • Sunrise murals and sunsets: orange sunsets: energy, warmth, enthusiasm and good health. Amazing pink skies: color of sensitivity and sentimentality, transports us to dreams and illusions.
  • Cloud murals: the sky murals convey calm and encourage creativity. A blue sky full of white clouds, ideal for a ceiling mural. You imagine?
  • Moon and star murals: a starry sky or a towering moon. A mural will transmit feelings of freedom and infinity.
mural paisaje atardecer bosque rosa
Choose the landscape you want to paint

A mural is a work of art commissioned by professional artists. First of all, you have to choose a design so that later an artist can paint it on your wall. You will send us a photo of the wall that you want to paint to the designers so that they can project the design onto it, through a digital montage. And you will inform us of the dimensions of the surface you want to paint.

paisaje montaña azul infantil
A mural: endless emotions

If you don’t know which design to choose, ask the designers for advice. They will advise you on the different themes and colors until you come up with the idea that you like the most and want to turn into a mural.

Choose a mural that identifies not only with your aesthetic tastes, but with the emotions you want it to convey. A mural is a work of art that will also change the atmosphere of the space.

Get inspiredto create the perfect mural or tell us your idea and we will design it for you.

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