Soft color vegetation

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Painting time

Finished in one day

Wall condition

Must be in perfect conditions



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Living nature. Can you remember the feeling last time you went to the countryside? The emotion of walking barefoot on the grass, collecting feathers and put them to dry among the pages of a book, feeling the wind in your face and listening how it goes through the trees.

Living nature is to look at and to stop time, to open a small parenthesis, to relax and disconnect ins ilence for a little while. It is leading us to transport to that landscape, a place. Travelling with the imagination

That is why our collection"Be Natural" is about murals which invite us to meditation, to connect again with nature. Tey make you find peacefulness and the balance between the fineness of nature and the resistence of urban.

When you decore your space with such mural in this trend you will live together with green and you manage to promote biopilia, which consist on bringing nature to life and work spaces, profiting from its health benefits. You create a connection between mind and environment.

Green is a relaxing and refreshing color that provokes serenity and harmony. Moreover it smbolizes life, renaissance, new opportunities. Because who have had no need to recover, to start again? You can get that push with this possitive color, providing your walls with these murals that will make you find peace among the whirlpool of life.