Tiles Vegetation Cobalt Oporto Random

704.00 633.60

Painting time

Finished in one day

Wall condition

Must be in perfect conditions



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We present you our cobalt blue murals collection, a serie we did in order to fill your space with an experience.

Life is to enjoy little things, to contemplate the blue sky and to guess shapes in clouds. It is to look at the sea and its depth, to get involved in its vastness for its salty smell, for its blue colour. It is to remember that white plate at your grandmother's, to take that crayon and show your creativity, to travel to Portugal and enjoy its pottery, to look at blue colour-scheme so to get its serenity, confidence and it is the colour that makes you feel safe.

We want you to decore your space with a mural made by an artist on your bedroom wall or your living room, your hall or kitchen, since it is perfect to any space. Our cobalt murals have arrived full of emotions and stories told with just a look. A mural that reminds you that summer at the beach, the family trip to Oporto, or the blue flowers you put inside a book to find them years later.

Inspired in blue dyes pottery, in our Mediterranean. In Oporto tiles and Talavera's potteryy. That hamd-made tradition made by an artist and an artisan. Made with love and care, technique and professionalism.

Blue and white, perfect combination, serenity, purity, calm and freshness... Murals that invite us to dream and makes you travel.