• 18 May, 2020

Classic Blue: Pantone 2020 Color of the Year

Classic Blue: Pantone 2020 Color of the Year

Classic Blue: Pantone 2020 Color of the Year 800 716 Taruga Creaciones
Classic Blue: This is the color of the year


Fresh, elegant and at the same time light-hearted. This is the Classic Blue, the color of the year announced by Pantone.



Classic Blue: a timeless color for your home


It warns that it is a “timeless and lasting” color. Betting on Classic Blue in decoration is a sure hit. In addition to the fact that this year’s color does not go out of style, we can combine it with different shades and with different decoration styles.


Classic Blue and eco decor


The eco decoration is an evident trend and its combination with this year’s fashionable blue is a complete success. Plastic accessories and furniture are discarded to make way for:

– bamboo, glass and ceramic utensils
– all kinds of wooden furniture
– 100% organic textiles (organic fiber rugs, 100% natural cotton sheets, linen accessories …)




In short, an increasingly natural and sustainable decoration with a young and fresh aesthetic.



Classic Blue walls with lots of personality


This year the walls are carried with character and for this we bring irresistible proposals in which the Pantone 2020 color is the protagonist:

– A classic blue hued mural of vegetation inspired by nature
– A geometric-themed mural combining blue and gold
– A classic blue abstract mural




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