• 12 March, 2020

Decorate in green: positive energy

Decorate in green: positive energy

Decorate in green: positive energy 768 1024 Taruga Creaciones

Have you ever thought about painting the walls of your house green? It is a vibrant and happy color. It transmits a lot of life and we love to play with it and with the light, both natural and artificial. We tell you how to decorate in green tones:


The green color in decoration is fashionable and gives our spaces a strong personality. All its shades make any interior a fresh and lively place. Thinking of walls:

  • The softest tones are perfect for children’s rooms where we want calm to reign.
  • The most intense tones can look great in a sophisticated room with personality.

This color can be found throughout nature and is known as the color of hope. So it is a perfect color to give life to the walls through nature murals, for example:

  • Vegetation murals: in full trend, it is very easy to create happy spaces with a mural of cacti, palm trees, exotic plants …
  • Jungle-Inspired Murals: Combined with greenery, the trendy murals have painted animals. Panthers, tigers, monkeys, birds …
  • Botanical style murals: they give a vintage look to your space.

When it comes to combining it, green fits perfectly with most shades. Of course, he has a particular predilection for white tones and for the ecological lifestyle.

  • The spaces that combine green and white tones give an irresistibly fresh result.
  • Join ecological decoration fashion and combine green with materials such as wood or ceramic.

Dare with a decoration in green tones to add freshness, joy and vitality to your space!

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