• 25 March, 2020

Terrazzo effect lovers

Terrazzo effect lovers

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Terrazzo is more than a trend




Terrazzo emerged in the fifteenth century in Venice, in order to take advantage of the pebbles left over from the manufacture of marble floors.
Now, stronger than ever, it returns to our lives in endless ways.

It consists of shavings of marble, glass, granite and other stones that are joined with cement. This groundbreaking style is so fashionable that there are many materials and accessories that mimic its effect. Do you want to know our favorites?

inspiracion terrazo

Terrazzo walls: stylish murals


We love walls that mimic the terrazzo effect. And not only the walls, also the ceilings and the furniture can be “dressed in terrazzo” by means of mural painting.



In true Matisse style


As a collage, the terrazzo style fits perfectly with Matisse’s latest work. Inspired by The Cut-Outs, the effect of its coloring will enchant you.



Terrazzo floors: the fashions are back


Terrazzo flooring is reinvented. It is tinted in attractive colors as in the previous examples through pops of color. On the other hand, it also maintains the seriousness of the black and gray tones, always elegant.



Accessories that imitate terrazzo


  • The terrazzo effect also invades fashion accessories and accessories such as mobile wallpapers.
  • Terrazzo tables, with a touch of nostalgia that almost everyone likes.
  • For decoration lovers, there are also soap bars inspired by this possession.


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