Blue flowers mural

640.00 576.00

Painting time

Finished in one day

Wall condition

Must be in perfect conditions



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Eternally Fresh Murals

We create murals with flower motifs with an eye towards finding the harmonious set of colors and textures that form a unique design, where each flower evokes a feeling and where the right composition can tell your story, or make your home the space where emotions flow freely.

Dried flowers inspire a rustic and simple look, which, through delicate strokes, pastel shades and contrasts, transform any space into a unique place that transmits serenity, subtlety, naturalness and charm.

It resembles the sensations that autumn reminds us of. Or that flower that was kept between the pages of a book. The dried flower is the pure reflection of the preservation of the essence of something beautiful, just as the beautiful memories are engraved inside us.
The preserved flower, on the other hand, consists of cutting the flower when it is at its best, to keep it that way forever.

Thus the design of these symbols helps to keep us aware of the good memories that we keep and to appreciate even more the beautiful things, because its essence can be saved just like the extract of its aroma can be stored in a perfume bottle.

They can beautify any wall in your home, from the smallest corners to large spaces in elegant living rooms, from an entire hallway to the wall of a room, from a basement whose lighting can be just a few candles to an attic accompanied by sunlight that sneaks in through large windows.

Wherever it is, the ideal composition will be at your fingertips and with it, our passion for creating scenes that awaken thousands of sensations and life to the walls that we want to decorate with them.