• 18 May, 2020

Garden Room: green oasis without leaving home

Garden Room: green oasis without leaving home

Garden Room: green oasis without leaving home 1024 768 Taruga Creaciones

Living close to nature and benefiting from the properties of natural plants is also possible without leaving home. In the absence of a garden and in full confinement, we encourage you to create a green oasis at home that will help you live better. #stayathome



Garden Rooms or Green Corners are a growing trend on Pinterest. And is that surrounding yourself with plants helps you live better. Plants have the power to purify the air around us, something that all of us who live in cities with a lot of pollution appreciate. Among other examples:

Potos or photos is a very effective plant also against formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.


garden room balcon

Reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) helps make sleep more restful, and reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can decrease lung disorders, eye irritation, and other ailments.

The areca palma, very effective against carbon monoxide, can become the great ally in smoking houses.


We can consult the NASA report On ornamental plants to reduce pollution of the indoor environment.

And as if it were trees, even some paint brands already have an eco-sustainable line to achieve air purification. This is the case of Isaval , whose photocatalytic paint decontaminates interior environments. It can be used to paint eco-sustainable murals and thus help improve environmental health.


In the case of older people, caring for plants helps to acquire a great feeling of vitality . In younger ones, plant maintenance can help reduce stress.



Do not panic. For those who do not even have time to look in the mirror: green oases can also have plants that require little care . Our favorites:


Potos or Photos: You can survive up to 30 days without water and in low light, although you prefer to be in a bright space. As a vine, hanging or even vertical plant, this plant is back in fashion.

Cacti: Cacti store water in their tissues and adapt to the environment in which they grow. They can be watered every 10 days in summer and winter, once a month.

Monstera or rib of Adan: It unites presence and beauty and that is why it is so instagrameable. Indirectly expose it to the sun so as not to burn its leaves, water it every three or four days in summer and once a week in winter.



Some plants favor the flow of positive energy and counteract the negative. In the book «Paradise is your home» by Diana Quan we discover what those plants so beneficial for our well-being . Among many others, we are left with these:

  • Lavender is perfect for harmony, it can help calm the mind and improve sleep.
  • Basil is a sacred plant in India, it protects from bad energies, attracts good ones and provides harmony and calm.
  • Rosemary purifies the air, provides inner peace, improves mood and lack of vitality.
  • Peppermint helps fight insomnia. It is also used to improve communication at home.



Wondering how to create your own garden at home? The only one rule for this: fill every centimeter with all kinds of plants. Make way for green maximalism or plant maximalism and let the charm and energy of plants invade your home. We give you some decoration ideas:


Walls full of life

The color green is a relaxing and refreshing color that induces those who see it to experience feelings of relaxation and harmony. Furthermore, green is the color of spring, a symbol of growth, development and prosperity .


Like the Garden Rooms, the walls painted with vegetation murals contribute to the spaces a climate of peace full of positive energy and vitality. That is why they are also a booming trend both outdoors and indoors.


mural vegetacion pintado a mano

Children’s rooms inspired by the jungle, living rooms that take you on a trip to a tropical paradise… The artistic options with green maximalism are endless. Stay home and go ahead and create your own Green Corner.


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