• 26 March, 2020

Decorating ideas in red that you will love

Decorating ideas in red that you will love

Decorating ideas in red that you will love 681 1024 Taruga Creaciones

Red is one of the most daring colors. It is powerful and turns each space into a unique place with a lot of personality. We show you some ideas of how to use red in decoration.

1. Small brush strokes of red

The red color is so powerful that with very little use and without exaggeration it will fill any space with life.

  • Just a few pieces of furniture: a side table in a youth room, a piece of furniture in a children’s room, a pair of red stools in a kitchen in which lighter tones predominate…
  • Details that make the difference: use dishes in red tones.
  • Red textiles: try cushions with different red patterns or a red carpet in the living room.


From walls where red predominates (tile red, carmine red, vermilion red …) to walls where red is combined with other shades. Try a monochrome mural or one inspired by nature.

pared rojo terracota


In a centerpiece, in the hall, at your desk, on your balcony … Red flowers are perfect to give joy to any space.

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