Wood mural

640.00 576.00

Painting time

Finished in one day

Wall condition

Must be in perfect conditions



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Monocolor Landscapes Murals

For us a blank wall is a blank canvas, a universe full of possibilities, it drives us to design and paint, to play with colors, shapes and textures.

Sometimes there is no need for much, and going for the simple is the most elegant solution. That is why we want to present you our monochrome murals, formed by landscapes in a single color.

Inspired by travel. Because we want you to have a mural that transports you to a wonderful walk on the beach, to that adventure through Asia that you lived when you were young, that reminds you of the castilla lands in summer, the family road trip through tLos Picos de Europa, a mural that immortalises that picture you took to capture that moment forever. That magical moment, so special and rewarding that you want to keep in your memory and not forget.

With the series of monocolor landscapes murals you can manage to transmit calm and peace with your space, bringing personality to your home. You can get an extraordinary decoration and fill the living space, you can make anyone who sees it manage to travel through your memories.

Travel and collect photos, memories and experiences. Travel books that fill its pages with those images engraved in your memory. And your wall can take you there, every time you enter that room the world will stop and that feeling will flood you, you will relive that experience.

And this is our passion, to make paintings lives and inhabits on you.