• 10 February, 2020

Eco-sustainable murals: the art that favors decontamination

Eco-sustainable murals: the art that favors decontamination

Eco-sustainable murals: the art that favors decontamination 800 600 Taruga Creaciones

mural mapamundiEco-sustainable murals: decontaminating mural painting

Painting eco-sustainable murals is also possible with Taruga. We use natural photocatalytic wall paint that breaks down harmful particles through natural and artificial light.

This paint not only acts as a disinfectant and deodorant for rooms and premises, but also encourages CO2 removal thanks to its characteristics.

Photocatalytic paint for murals contributes to energy saving thanks to its reflective properties. Its graphene technology regulates and distributes the temperature of the spaces, prevents condensation and reduces cold spots.

mural ciudad ecosostenibleGraffiti for cities with more art and less pollution

Taruga Creaciones is committed to the decontamination of cities through art. How? By creating eco-sustainable murals and graffiti in all kinds of spaces, public and private.

Urban art on building facades, roofs, pavements, sidewalks … Any surface painted with photocatalytic material can be very effective in reducing polluting emissions.

Ecological murals for companies committed to the environment

Companies committed to the environment and committed to ecological innovation are also joining the trend of eco-sustainable murals that absorb pollution.

pintura ecosostenibleAnd it is that painting environmentally friendly murals in the interior and exterior spaces of companies (industrial buildings, facades, blinds …) can positively influence energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Ecological murals can be, for everyone, a great solution for the future.

mural vegetacion

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