• 22 May, 2020

Children’s decorative murals

Children’s decorative murals

Children’s decorative murals 768 1024 Taruga Creaciones

Painting the walls of our kids’ room with handmade murals, as well as a great way to give them a unique work of art, is a great way to enhance the development of their creativity.

mural infantil avionetas

The murals, through their colors and the themes that inspire them, can create a relaxed atmosphere and at the same time full of positive energy. Get to know the children’s murals that are most popular in decoration and decide which ones to keep.

mural proceso pintura futbol infantil
mural infantil futbol
mural fachada exterior diseño lego
mural parque infantil colores
mural parque infantil globos

Leaf-patterned murals, now in full swing, are ideal for bringing nature closer to the little ones. They create fun environments through tropical palms, flowers, jungle animals, exotic birds… Nature murals , combined with wooden furniture in light tones, will give a magazine result.

Vegetation murals for children are a success and have endless designs.

The murals in green tones are a perfect option to transmit positive energy and optimism to the environment. But the children’s vegetation landscapes are also spectacular in shades other than green. If you are looking for a simple and relaxed style, a monochrome mural will be a sure hit.

mural de plantas interior y exterior

The Nordic style is one of the star trends in interior design. To counteract the lack of light, typical of Scandinavian countries, this style bets on light colors, both on walls and floors and in furniture, as well as simple lines.

Wooden furniture, textiles with plant, flower and animal motifs… The Nordic look, like the Mediterranean style , falls in love with the way of transmitting warmth and naturalness to the spaces.

What reasons to choose for a Nordic style mural for children?


In the book “El monstruo de los colores”, Anna Llenas, helps the little ones to recognize the five basic emotions through colors. It can be a great read to choose with them the color of the mural in your room. Choose a mural that conveys the emotions you are looking for.

How about a colorful rainbow mural? The children’s room is filled with optimism with a cheerful and original mural.


We personally design your mural and advise you how to focus it according to the space you want to paint. Tell us about your idea and we will project your mural as you ask us. We will be happy to design and paint a mural exclusively for you on the surface you decide

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