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Taruga Creaciones was born in San Javier in 2016 as a dream of two artists who wanted to impregnate the world with art. It was in September 2018 when it started and began its journey as a company.

Taruga Creaciones has 12 workers and more than 100 self-employed muralists with whom we want to reach any corner of Spain to offer the best service and with the highest quality in mural painting.

Our headquarters are located in Valencia, specifically at the Lanzadera facilities, from where we create our murals and urban art projects.

From our beginnings as a local company to the present, we have been growing throughout the national territory, taking our mural painting to every corner, to every house, to every company, where they have given us the opportunity to live the experience of having a hand-painted mural , almost anywhere.

From Taruga Creaciones we are experts in creating unique environments , in generating spaces of illusions through art, our murals are generators of changes in spaces and we must be 100% involved in changing the future, generating positive changes in each of our clients. Small actions generate big changes, as a Chinese proverb used to say, the fluttering of a butterfly can be felt on the other side of the world and that is our maxim in each of the projects we start with our clients.

We are aware of the importance of giving back to society part of what society has given us, our commitment to society is firm and that is why from the beginning of our activity we have committed to sustainability based on two fundamental pillars, take care of people and be responsible with the environment .

In these years we have tried to work with great care in each of our clients’ homes, support our muralists, main participants in the experiences we offer, take care of our human capital without whom it would be impossible to carry out our mission and commit ourselves to environment.


As a mission Taruga Creaciones paints murals by hand on any wall of a home or business.

The vision in Taruga Creaciones is to generate illusion and create the necessary demand to paint murals on the walls of all the houses and businesses in the world, in addition, to serve as a commercial platform that automates the administrative process through a configurator of mural painting for clients to manage their projects more efficiently.


When you decide to live the experience of having a mural painted by hand with Taruga Creaciones also…

  • You reduce the impact on the environment, we have ecological paints and we also bet on research to create new eco-sustainable paints.
  • You support ethical and value-based ventures.
  • You generate circular economy, we are aware of the waste that we generate in the realization of our murals and that is why our production and consumption model is based on the reuse and recycling of materials and products every time possible to create added value and thus help the product life cycle to be extended.
  • You collaborate in sustainable innovation, we establish alliances with companies specializing in the production of eco-sustainable paints to achieve a lower environmental impact.
  • You create quality and dignified employment, our company vision has each of our workers and muralists, we are committed to a stable work environment, guarantee their health and safety, promote the reconciliation of work and personal life and thus to attract the best talent from each of the people who work for our company.
  • You favor the local economy and proximity, we are committed to local suppliers, thus promoting local commerce and employment.
  • Bets on digitization, we know that investment in NNTT is a very important factor in the times in which we live, our commitment to digitization throughout the process of making the mural, from the customer contact , suppliers and muralists, is firm for greater efficiency.


We have developed different actions throughout our short business career, always wanting to give the best of ourselves in each of the murals that we have created, thus the “Collaborative Murals” initiative was born, we want to collaborate on the social side, helping third sector entities and with the environment using ecological paints, participating in their development and efficiently managing the waste we generate.

There are several occasions in which we have participated in the painting of murals with entities related to the third sector, disability, immigration … in short, with vulnerable groups. We use art to improve spaces for community coexistence of associations and foundations that could not do it due to lack of funding, we are aware of the importance of improving these spaces and that is why we have created this new form of collaboration between social entities and future partners.

The new painting techniques give us the opportunity to work with eco-sustainable paints, catalytic, photovoltaic, vegan or CO2-absorbing paint are some of the examples in which public institutions have been interested in making large murals dimensions and thus collaborate with the environment and improve the environment that surrounds us.

Another of our priority actions is to establish collaboration agreements with IES and universities to carry out internships of their students in our company as well as create scholarships for students who are studying Bachelor of Arts or studying Fine Arts with the aim that they know more about mural painting and capture their talent to generate real employment opportunities in the Fine Arts sector.

Art is also a source of employment and at Taruga Creaciones we want to have the best, that is why in addition to promoting training for new muralists, we have valued each of the people who work directly or indirectly in our organization, muralists and our own employees They have different incentives to continue motivating them and make them feel recognized for their effort and dedication in our company.

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