• 9 March, 2020

Millennial pink, the color of the digital generation

Millennial pink, the color of the digital generation

Millennial pink, the color of the digital generation 800 638 Taruga Creaciones


Soft, delicate, nostalgic, fresh, happy … The color pink is in fashion, we see it in advertising, on our clothes … And today we are going to tell you how to apply this trend in your homes, since it is entering with great force.

You may be wondering, and what is millennial pink? It is not just any color, it is a pastel pink that can be interpreted in different ways.


It is a color with great force away from stereotypes, a neutral color that conquers anyone. And why is millennial pink so successful? Easy answer: because it combines with absolutely everything.


If you are wondering how to combine this characteristic color, you have found the right place, here are some tips to update the decoration of your houses:

  • Pink and velvet. Velvet is the fashionable upholstery. Warm tones take center stage, in keeping with the softness of the material. It is the most sought after by interior design professionals.
  • Mix pink with gray and black. The darker and more neutral tones compensate the atmosphere.
  • Retro rose. Add retro accessories to your room to exaggerate millennial chic, such as maps.
decoracion rosa retro

In addition, millennial pink is very well suited to wood, which reinforces its warmer facet.

If you are one of those who are always up to date, you can not resist this color. Remember that there is life beyond normal. Tell us your idea!

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