• 29 July, 2020

Vintage style murals

Vintage style murals

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Why do we like vintage so much? Why is that look at a better past so successful?
There is a great romanticism for the past, for our childhood, for the love of those who are no longer there, for art, music, cinema from years ago … In a world as intense and as hectic as this, we like to remember and take refuge in these havens of peace and disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle.

mural romantico vintage flores

In the world of design and not to create confusion, a vintage piece is one that, at least 20 years old, has acquired a representative aesthetic value from its decade of creation.
Are you up for a vintage mural? These are some of our favorites:

mural montañas blanco y negro


We like to decorate our house with vintage touches and live with those themes that we long for. We love to rescue old designs and combine them with more avant-garde accessories. In the world of design and in order not to create confusion, a vintage piece has a representative aesthetic value from its decade of creation. Do you want a vintage mural?


The Victorian era was a period of cultural bonanza in the United Kingdom and is therefore identified as a golden era there. This style, widely used in floral decoration and jewelry, stands out for the exaltation of luxury and opulence. Details such as lace, velvet, feathers, crystals and precious stones adorn the flowers and can be present in spectacular murals.

mural de flores dormitorio


Vintage geometric shapes murals give a lot of personality to any space. And what colors to choose? From elegant and traditional black and white, to the combination of colors in both bold and pastel tones, gold and silver patterns, there are thousands of combinations and designs such as mosaic and tile type murals, art deco murals , geometric circle murals, murals with terrazzo effect …

In short, endless possibilities and geometric shapes if you want to use the vintage style for your mural.

inspiracion terrazo


With a refined and ornate character, the Baroque style is characterized by its surprising, the use of curved lines, optical effects and very elaborate elements that convey a feeling of volume and grandeur.
If you like the baroque essence, you will have thought about decorating your space, for example, with chandeliers, porcelain elements, solemn sculptures, gilded chandeliers or mirrors with voluminous gilt frames. Baroque-style murals are also an ideal option to give that touch of glamor to your walls.

inspiración estilo barroco


Velvet textiles, soft colors such as mauve or pink, more avant-garde furniture, curtains with large drops, classic gold or silver cutlery … To give a vintage touch to your decoration, you can play with the mix of styles, such as murals of birds on tree branches, murals of delicate large flowers, murals of delicate small flowers, murals of country scenes.

mural monocromo azul
mural de vegetación infantil rosa, blanco y gris

Tell us and we will be happy to design an exclusive mural for you and paint it on the surface you tell us.

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