Lights and shadows in the decoration. Let’s play!

juego de luces y sombras


The lights and shadows are what give things three-dimensionality. They give us data in terms of volume, texture, dimension and their combination brings endless possibilities.

If we correctly integrate light and shadow in each of our spaces, we will obtain an entire work of art. What is the play of light and shadow in decoration? We have relied on the lights and shadows on our walls. Take note and play with your spaces:





Combining black and white is the best way to unify all the shades and it will only make us be aware of the amount of light that the elements have. Without color, there are no variations in shades or qualities. There are only variations in light.

The black and white murals have a very sophisticated composition. A set of lights and shadows that never goes out of style in the decoration of our houses and adds character and spaciousness to any type of space.





Painting is a way of darkening and illuminating to give the feeling that we are seeing something real and one of the best resources to give strength to an illustration is the way to illuminate, the way we decided to use lights and shadows.

Shadows can create intrigue and give prominence to any space and light, which can enter through a window, contrasts these shadows to create a warm atmosphere. To create that effect we recommend abstract murals.





Play with the light that comes through your window and project a drawing on the floor or on the wall.
How? With a mural made directly on the glass. Take a look at these stained glass games.



The windows also play a lot. Look at the shop windows. If you have a store or a gastronomic establishment and want to present yourself in an original way, we leave you some examples of shop windows decorated with mural painting.





The aim of these paintings is to create the illusion that what has been drawn is real. How? Playing with perspective and other optical effects like light and shadow. Some trompe l’oeil are simpler, made up of simple silhouettes. Those who play with depth are more complex.



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