Mural, wallpaper or adhesive vinyl: which one to choose?


You want to renew the style of your walls, whether in an indoor or outdoor space and you don’t know which option to choose. Take note of their differences, pros and cons and get out of doubt.



Mural in children’s room



If you want a unique design…


A mural is a commissioned work of art. First a professional design of your mural is made and then an artist paints it on your wall. The design of a mural is made in a personalized way and can be interpreted and modified instantly by the artist.

Vinyls and wallpaper can have a personalized design but cannot be modified once printed. They are usually reproductions.



Handmade mural



How long do you want the result to last?


Wall painting will last a lifetime. Outdoors, polyurethane paints last more than 10 years perfectly. If we wanted to remove the mural from a car, we would only have to paint over it.

The vinyls have a 2 to 3 year durability and will lose color over time. They can come off and when removed they can leave marks or cause damage to the wall.



Hand painted mural in a studio



How does it apply? How is it painted?


The process of painting a mural is quite an experience. Being able to see the painter at work, while making a work of art, is very nice. The muralists do not dirty the space and ventilate it adequately to avoid odors.

Placing a vinyl consists of gluing a sheet on a surface, with water or with glues. Although it is true that the placement of the vinyl requires your technique, putting a sticker does not require artistic talent.



Mural painted in children’s room



What if I want to replace or change it?


Changing your mural or repainting will only mean giving it a coat of paint.

Replacing a vinyl or wallpaper will cause you to damage the wall and have to fix it from glues or breaks.



Mural on a bathroom wall



What if I want to make last minute changes?


A mural is a living design that the artist reinterprets as faithfully as possible. You can always ask him to make a change because the process allows it. They can also advise you regarding the final result of the mural.

However, once the vinyl is printed and placed, in case there is an error or you are not convinced, nothing can be changed without reprinting and removing the old sticker.



Muralist painting a children’s mural by hand



Would you like to live with a work of art?


Living with a mural is almost like having a tattoo. You see it daily and it teleports you to a place, a thought, to a specific experience.

The vinyl will be a reproduction. Living with a reproduction of an image on plastic or paper is not like living with a work of art.



Artist painting an outdoor mural



Are you thinking of interior or exterior?


Both indoors and outdoors, a mural can be applied anywhere, on any surface. We carry out special treatments so that the paint can resist weather conditions.

A vinyl, on the other hand, would be adaptable only to an indoor area because the weather can damage them.



Mural in a swimming pool



And what difference in price do they have?


The Taruga murals are works of art. We promote quality artistic work and that is why we have created a platform for muralists, in which more and more fine art professionals who want to work with us join every day.

Vinyls and wallpaper are usually cheaper, although there are exceptions where they exceed the price of the murals.



And you, are you more of wallpaper, vinyl or mural?
Tell us your idea, be inspired by the unique designs that we prepare for you.

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