Murals for companies: how to attract more clients

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Corporate murals: Which business colors attract the most customers?

It is proven that colors have a huge effect on people and that their correct choice influences 75% of consumers’ purchasing decisions. Making your business look attractive will be crucial to its success, so you have to choose your colors well.

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You will be interested to know that according to numerous studies the most impulsive buyers react better to colors such as red, orange, black and blue.

Conversely, more rational consumers respond to lighter, pastel colors.

Turn your company’s facilities into a work of art

The first impression that your business makes is very important. For this reason, choosing a good design for the facade of a premises will be essential for customers to become curious and interested in your company.

At Taruga we transform installations through art. We help you choose the design that best suits your business to make it more attractive.

Murals for restaurants and bars

There are many restaurants that dare to have a personalized image that makes them feel identified.

Customers love to go to restaurants and bars that have a different atmosphere than the rest of the premises and an original decoration. They enjoy taking photos on their walls as a photocall.

A good exterior and interior design that is identified with the business philosophy will be the key to its success.

Painting big: murals for transport companies and vehicles

When we say that we paint any type of surface it is because we also capture art on vehicles. Many companies decide to give an artistic touch to their company vehicles


Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

Painting a mural on your corporate vehicles is a very good idea to make yourself known and attract attention on the roads. Whatever your business is, you can turn your means of transportation into something really attractive. Let your imagination run wild and trust Taruga to create brand recognition through art.


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