mural en el patio de casa


Renew your patio with a mural

Planning the arrival of good weather, reforms to the exterior of the houses are very common. Decorate the garden, paint the façade, renovate the pool … In short, we want a set-up of the areas to be enjoyed in spring and, especially, in summer.

A mural can completely change the image of your patio or your garden.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]It does not matter what material the wall is made of, be it wood, stone, brick, etc. We take care of making the most of it to turn your patio into a small oasis. Mural painting is an increasingly used resource to give amplitude and harmony to all kinds of spaces, but especially to open spaces with which you can “play” with perspective to create visual effects, trompe l’oeil, etc…

Why renovate your pool?

Having a pool in the backyard is a privilege in the summer. The pool is the best place to relax, unwind and hold all kinds of events.

graffiti en el jardín de casa junto a la piscina con un paisaje de playaA mural to renovate the pool

The wear and tear of use over the years means that a few small touches of decoration are necessary.

When we talk about its decoration we are referring to both the exterior of the pool and the interior, where the murals are a perfect option. The pool mural options are endless.

Mural en patio de piscinaKind of murals for swimming pools: styles to decorate terraces

In this type of space, nature usually predominates, although there are also other types of designs. A mural can transport you to a paradisiacal beach without leaving home while enjoying a good bath, for example.

We leave you some mural ideas to give your garden a lot of freshness and style.

mural en el patio de casaMurals with a touch of nature

Natural elements give life to the environment. Pools with this type of environment recreate natural spaces such as a waterfall, a cave, tropical areas … Any type of environment that will make your house an original space. You will be pleasing to the eye while enjoying a good bath.

On trend: stone-style painted wall for your patio

Wall painting that simulates natural stone is the ideal option for those who want to give a rustic look to their patio design. It is not necessary to cover everything with this style, since a single mural, for example, in front of the pool, may be enough to transfer that rustic charm to the space.

Porch-style murals with character

If you want to renovate your pool area, the wooden mural will be your great choice. A touch of this style will make your space a place of fun and relaxation, in addition to providing the perfect contrast with the blue of the water in your pool.

terrace wall paintingIn short, you can transform the patio into a living art museum or, which you will enjoy at all times. In Taruga we treat all surfaces with specialized products to offer you a great quality and durability , so neither rain, wind nor snow will have a chance against your mural.

How to paint a mural in the garden, on the terrace, in the patio or in the pool?

Contact us, tell us your idea, we will work on it until everything is exactly as you want. The painters will get down to work and in less than 24 hours you will have an original and exclusive mural.

graffiti en el patio de casa en exterior[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”22px”][vc_column_text]

Painting a mural is quite an experience. Tell us your idea and ¡get yours!

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