Original painted wall ideas

mural verde vegetacion pintado a mano


mural verde vegetacion pintado a mano
Hand painted mural: vegetation and landscape


– 6 styles of painted walls that will inspire you –

Walls painted with decorative murals

Painting the walls is one of the most original methods if you want to give an artistic touch to any place in your house, be it a room, the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom… There are infinite decorative possibilities and from Taruga we want to encourage you to decorate your walls with a lot of personality and style.

Black and white mural: forest

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Are you looking for inspiration to paint the walls of your house in an original way? There is a lot of style beyond the walls painted in a single color. Take note:

Mural pintado a mano de palmeras en blanco y negro
Hand painted mural of palm trees in black and white

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Black and white murals: the new Nordic style

In general, white is used as a basis for brushing up color with black. This gives light spaces with a lot of character and harmony.

pared hojas blanco dormitorio
Light toned leaf mural in bedroom

The contrast of black on white and white on black surprises with its simple and modern style. White provides light and cleanliness. On the other hand, black is sophisticated and elegant.

Wall with black and white mural

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Half painted murals, a growing trend

Have you ever seen walls painted and divided into two tones? It is what is known as half painted, a technique that is very present and that brings a different touch to our walls.

mural colores abstracto
Abstract mural

Through this technique we can renew the entire aspect of our rooms and visually expand the height of the ceiling, adapting to the space we have.

mural colores arcoiris
Rainbow-style mural

What colors to choose to paint the walls with half painted style? From bold colors that create a lot of contrast to colors of the same range in different shades, this technique will surprise you in all kinds of spaces.

And if what you are looking for is a very original painted wall, we offer you a mural. You can separate both spaces or paint over only one color. In this case it is great to leave things halfway, don’t you think?

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Murals for children’s rooms: painted walls for children

At Taruga we also love to paint the walls of the smallest of the house. From fun pictures to simple illustrations, here you can find inspiration for painting baby and toddler room walls. For moms and dads who want a fun and creative touch, take note:

mural infantil vegetacion
Hand painted children’s mural
Cobalto Azores proceso de diseño
Hand painted children’s mural

Animated and educational designs on the walls of the rooms of the little ones are the best to develop their imagination. The walls painted in pastel colors and the murals of illustrations, lettering, animals and nature will be a sure hit to decorate a baby’s room

diseño mural ilustracion azul infantil
Design for children’s mural

Geometric figures painted on your wall

Geometric shapes on the wall are triumphing in the world
design and result in a very attractive result.

diseño mural geometrico
Handmade geometric mosaic mural design

Geometric figures in light colors are preferable in tight or dimly lit spaces. Use them to gain a feeling of spaciousness and order. Dark tones and large geometric figures will take almost the limelight regardless of space.

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Triangles of various sizes, polyhedra, circles, straight lines, squares… They are many of the options of the booming Nordic style. Fresh and youthful, a mural of geometric figures is a sure hit.

Floral walls, nature and tropical style

We love spring and the decorative power of flowers sets the trend. Vegetation murals are an option when updating the design of a room.

pared floral rosa gris interior
Hand painted mural

The fresh colors of nature give the environment a very cheerful touch. Light tones, well-being and harmony.

mural de flores en habitación juvenil
Flower mural in youth room
mural paisaje duna y mar
Mural of nature and sea landscape

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Tropical walls are booming and not just in houses but in trendy hotel and restaurant interiors. A sure hit with a high aesthetic value.

Walls painted with animals

We know that the animal world is present in all seasons of the year, it does not go out of fashion and it is not only worn in clothing or accessories. Currently it is a very striking and innovative trend and, although it seems a bit risky technique, it can have a very original finish. A wild touch in any corner of our houses comes great.

  • Birds: a booming trend.
  • Marine animals: Whales are ideal.
  • The animal print: a classic print.

Your walls can roar in style.

Hand painted mural: vegetation and birds

Have you thought about painting the walls of your house with a mural?

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