Why we love the Mediterranean style


When we think of the Mediterranean style, feelings of freshness, relaxation, good memories in the company of friends invade us …
Do you want to know why the decoration inspired by the sea has us so in love?





Its colors make us feel good


The blue of the sea transmits tranquility and at the same time freshness, which generates a feeling of comfort in any environment. Imagine the views from a window to the infinite ocean or a bath in a beautiful cove in summer.

The aquamarine color creates a rejuvenating effect, feeds off bad energy and provides spaces with security and confidence. This color makes us travel to the most crystalline beaches. Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca … And it is that the turquoise tones, in addition to calm, transmit fun and joy.

And of course, white. Its simplicity invades our interior and exterior spaces of purity. The Mediterranean style is clean and bright.



It is pure positive energy


The sea and the ocean, thanks to their colors and the connotations they have for us, have a great impact on the way we think, feel and relax. Decorating our walls with Mediterranean-style elements invades us with positive energy.

The sea brings back good memories of childhood, makes us identify with movie environments, reminds us of scenes of love … It makes our imaginations fly and gives us moments of calm and hope.

The pleasure of watching its sunrises and sunsets is also unique in the Mediterranean. Again this style transmits comfort. Sunsets to the color orange: a vibrant color that gives us positive energy, warmth, joy, enthusiasm and good health.



It stands for luminosity


The predominance of white, present on walls, furniture, decoration accessories and textiles, creates a serene, refreshing and very bright atmosphere. And is that the Mediterranean-style decoration is synonymous with light and sun.

For this reason, in the absence of large windows with direct views of the sea, we offer you murals with beach designs and trompe l’oeil windows with exclusive views of the ocean.



Decorate with natural materials


With permission from the sun, the sea and the color white, if there is something that makes us fall in love to the bone, it is their commitment to natural and ecological decoration.

In environments with a Mediterranean look we will see linen and cotton textiles, wooden and wicker furniture, clay floors, natural plants… The houses decorated in this style are, therefore, very cozy and full of life.



Not old fashioned


Its beach, its sea, its sun, its blue color, its sunsets, its
pure white… Can the Mediterranean style run the risk of going out of style? It seems impossible to us.

Can you imagine living in an environment full of freshness that brings you all its benefits? We encourage you to create a space inspired by the Mediterranean through exclusive murals.


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