The perfect home office

la oficina en casa perfecta



To deal with the coronavirus and for a matter of liability many companies have opted for teleworking.

We have enough technologies to carry out our work efficiently: Internet connection, internal communication channels, remote meetings through videoconferences…

But do we really have adequate space to work from home?

We tell you how to set up a perfect work area at home:



Install the office in a bright space

It is very important to work on a table that is as close as possible to natural light and that helps to strain your eyes less. Use shades and blinds to screen the light if it is too bright.



Use an ergonomic desk chair

The desk chairs with adjustable seat and backrest are the ones that best adapt to your body. To avoid back discomfort, it is advisable that your knees are at a right angle and your back is well supported.



The ideal table measurements

To be comfortable while you work, your table must have at least a clearance of 70 centimeters wide and 65 centimeters high. Ideally, the table should be 75 cm high.



An ordered and organized space

To help you concentrate during teleworking, try to have a clean, tidy and the best organized space possible. How?

    • Shelves with filing cabinets to store documents


    • Book storage furniture and work utensils


    • Walls that help you organize work through notes






A stylish home work area

And finally, our tips for working from home in a comfortable, beautiful and also very productive way. In order to work at home office or for all those who have a freelance job, it is essential to be comfortable in the workplace. To get a lot of positive energy we recommend:

    • Plants that give freshness to your space


    • Paintings and photographs that inspire you


    • A carpet that brings warmth to your space


Take advantage of every corner of your home and create the perfect telecommuting location.


Vegetation mural to create a positive energy atmosphere


An atmosphere that transmits positive energy

Working in an environment that emanates harmony is essential to focus, be motivated and perform more. The walls of your home workspace as well as its colors can transmit that positive energy you need.

What do you think of a mural that, in addition to giving it a lot of personality and style, creates a relaxed and enthusiastic climate in your space?


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