Vegetation murals for children

mural de vegetación infantil rosa, blanco y gris


What better way to enhance the creativity of the little ones than to paint the walls of their room with handmade murals?
The walls inspired by greenery landscapes are a growing trend. We tell you why the murals de Naturaleza are so successful and what are the most popular designs for painting children’s walls .

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PFor children, nature is an excellent amusement park and learning classroom. Contact with her can improve her attention span, her motor and cognitive development, her autonomy, the acquisition of values…
In the absence of being able to go to the field as often as we would like, moving nature to your room is also possible through vegetation designs.

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Green is the color of life and nature. It transmits security in ourselves. It is the color with which the human eye rests the most, so green calms, reduces stress and promotes relaxation.
Green walls can promote concentration and study in children. It is very often used in school decoration and is perfect for paint the walls of your study area .

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The vegetation murals are also perfect to create a calm atmosphere that favors the sleep of the little ones and their relaxation. Without resorting to green, we recommend these colors:

Gray. Guarantee of a relaxed space, ideal for rest. It is a sophisticated color in decoration that provides balance to the space and admits endless combinations.

Pink: associated with innocence and softness, is the color of dreams and fantasy . In its softer shades it is ideal to create relaxing environments in children’s rooms.

White: White is purity, goodness and peace. Key to creating bright and serene atmospheres, atmospheres of harmony that favor rest.

The blue: the color of the sky and the ocean, transmits stability and depth . Due to its relaxing effects, it is one of the most used to decorate children’s bedrooms. Blue calms the mind, makes concentration easier, and reduces fear and tension.

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In itself, art is an activity that we carry out with the purpose of transmitting or experiencing a sensation. According to experts, conveying the importance of art to children is one way of ensuring that they develop various types of intelligences at the same time.

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We can do it from the painting . They analyze the feelings that the artist tries to transmit through the landscape , of an object or of the colors.

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Through a mural inspired by a landscape of vegetation, even with animals, the little ones can also have fun and develop their creativity

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Transform your walls into a forest , travel with them to the jungle , surround your space with sweet flowers … Let your imagination run wild and make it benefit from all the privileges of art.

Would you like to have your own vegetation landscape mural ? We design it for you!

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